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Our Sanctuary

UUVictoria is a small congregation with big heart. Our thriving church of less than 50 has managed to maintain a haven for progressive free thinkers in the crossroads. Our building is quaint but houses a few stunning features. 

Our Flaming Chalice Commison

This untitled sculpture, composed of welded chrome-plated steel, represents three symbolic aspects of life. The chalice is the vessel containing truth. The broken background pattern displays the puzzle of universal creation. Man's quest for truth is portrayed by flames ranging in intensity from a flickering desire to a raging passion. His consuming desire for knowledge may flicker low, yet never dies, for creation is an enigma which challenges the total human spirit. 

- Harold J. Nichols

February 1976

Our Peace Garden

In full bloom, our Peace Garden is our outside sanctuary. The garden was constructed in the summer of 2015. It features a white peace pole with the inscription "May Peace Prevail On Earth," in four different languages. The garden serves as a symbol for the on going struggle for peace on Earth. During times of tragedy, it serves as a gathering place for candle light vigils.  

Charlie and Mary Helen Stark Memorial Library

Our collection includes books that aid in spiritual growth for a deeper understanding of one's self and one's role in the community, that further understanding of church programs and values, and that support the needs of the ministry. We make an effort to acquire titles that may not be readily available in local public libraries or bookstores, and that are of particular interest to Unitarian Universalists and UU Church of Victoria members. 

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